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Simon, from Phelsuma Farm – Reptiles & Exotics, Somerset, bought some of his reptiles to meet the Stickys children!

He brought:- Big Ben the (very hungry) Giant African Tortoise, Ronnie and Ruby the Red Footed Tortoises, Shrimp the corn snake, Dave (Banana Dave) the Royal Python, Bronson the Leopard Gecko and Zelda the Bearded Dragon.
He also bought two surprise visitors, who only came out at the very end because the children had been so gentle and careful with the other animals… Two Baby Crested Geckos!
The children were all able to stroke and/or hold each of the animals, or look for a distance if they preferred.
Simon had lots of fascinating facts about each animal too.
The children behaved impeccably and Simon shared how impressed he was with how much care the children showed to the animals. Infact, he has since messaged to tell us again how great they all were. You should all be very proud of your children, we are!
Huge thanks to  Phelsuma Farm – Reptiles & Exotics, Somerset for such a wonderful visit!
If you’re at a loose end during the holidays, you can pop into the shop in Ilton, to see some of the animals your children met today and many more.

The children had great fun at our Easter Disco, they loved the surprise visitor we had… Willow.

Thank you very much to Lauren and Kim for bringing her along ????

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Visit from Vet

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Visit to Farmer Palmers

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Tiny Tennis session

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‘visit from a dentist, to support our learning on All about me’