‘What Have We Been Up To?’

Autumn term 2019

The children enjoyed their annual visit to Alan Berry’s apple pressing farm, where they helped pick apples to be pressed and watched it being made. Then they were able to taste some already made. Yum!

Clare Vincent, the veterinary nurse visited the pre-school and showed them how to help animals using cuddlys and teddy bears. The children were all very good and sat and listened nicely. Then they were role playing as vets by helping the ‘poorly animals’ with bandages and stethoscopes.

Summer term 2019

This term we were learning about some of the cultures of different countries around the world. Starting with Mexico, then Australia, Italy and Switzerland we will learn about what makes them special, famous landmarks, foods, language and flags among other things. Home links, this term are animal prints.

The children made salsa and enjoyed tasting it with nachos, while listening to Mexican music. They followed the world map to see the route from England to Mexico.


Then they went to Croc Creek in Australia, where they had a go at playing the digeridoo and learning the special art of Aboriginal painting. We also read the stories ‘Ouch in my Pouch’ and ‘Wombat stew’.

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Spring term 2019

This term we were looking at different vehicles and shapes. We looked at cars, lorries and trains, with a walk to Templecombe train station where we linked in road and train safety.

We had a visit from Zoo lab, where Ranger Dan brought in some mini beasts for the children to look at, touch or hold and took them on adventures through his story telling. These included a snake, centipede, cockroach, guinea pig, tarantula and a colour changing scorpion!

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The children enjoyed making pancakes for pancake day, helping with the ingredients and choosing their own toppings. Also the children dressed up for world book day as all sorts from princesses to heroes and looked great.


Coach Jon, from Dinky Tennis, continues with us, teaching the children lots of skills such as balancing, coordination, gross motor skills, working together, listening and much more! As a result this will see the children develop by playing sending and receiving games (mastering Dinky Tennis!)

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Upcoming ‘special’ events and activities