‘What Have We Been Up To?’

Spring term 2019

Happy New Year!

This term we are looking at different vehicles and shapes. We have already looked at cars, lorries and trains, with a walk to Templecombe train station where we linked in road and train safety. Shapes looked at so far are squares, circles and rectangles.

We celebrated Burn’s Night with a taste test of Scottish haggis and learning about the Scottish culture and even doing some country dancing to bagpipe music.

We are also celebrating the Chinese New Year (Year of the Pig) where the children will be making a dragons head and doing a special dance to music.

November and December 2018

This half term we have been looking at woodland animals and forest friends. After lots of pumpkin carving for Halloween we took the pumpkins into the garden for the squirrels and other forest animals to have a feast.

Also we have been looking at our senses, in sight week the children enjoyed making and painting their binoculars ready for their next adventure. In taste week we made food collages and in cookery had a taste test. The children did very well trying new foods and then explaining what they could taste; sweet, sour and sharp were a few descriptions.

We held a mufti day in aid of Children in need and after Remembrance Sunday, the children walked to the war memorial in the church and placed the poppy wreath they had made.

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As we approach the end of term, we have been doing lots of practise singing for our Christmas sing-along and walking to the church for rehearsals. Also we have been making Christmas cards and sending letters to Santa. A star was sent home with each child to decorate as they wished and then hung in the setting. The end of term saw lots of festive fun, making presents in Santa’s workshop, making paperchains and playing games.

Coach Jon, from Dinky Tennis, continues with us, teaching the children lots of skills such as balancing, coordination, gross motor skills, working together, listening and much more! As a result this will see the children develop by playing sending and receiving games (mastering Dinky Tennis!)

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Upcoming ‘special’ events and activities

Bingo and raffle night – Saturday 9th February at Village Hall 6.30pm