‘What Have We Been Up To?’

October 2018

This term we have been learning all about ourselves. All about me, my home and my family, my pets, my favourite things are just some of the wonderful topics covered.

We had a visit form a Wincanton vet, who spent the morning with the children bringing with her cuddly animals that need lots of special care and attention.  The children helped bandage, used the Veterinary equipment and took care of their cuddly patients. They also dressed up in Veterinary uniforms.

One lovely sunny day we took a walk down Lily Lane to Alan Berry’s apple orchard, where the children picked apples, and made some apple juice. We all tried some juice that was already prepared and took some back to Stickys.

Coach Jon, from Dinky Tennis, is continuing with us, teaching the children lots of skills such as balancing, coordination, gross motor skills, working together, listening and much more! As a result this will see the children develop by playing sending and receiving games (mastering Dinky Tennis!)

photo 4 photo 3

Upcoming ‘special’ events and activities

  • End of term Halloween dress up day